Fiction review: Wed Wabbit by Lissa Evans

Evans, L. (2017). Wed wabbit. Oxford, United Kingdom: David Fickling Books.

During a thunderstorm Fidge is thrown into the land of her little sister Minnie’s favourite storybook — the Wimbley Woos — and so is her awful cousin Graham, his transitional object Dr Carrot, and Minnie’s toy Ella the Elephant. All Fidge wants to do is get home and see her sister in hospital, but things seem increasingly not quite right with the land of the Wimbley Woos. It seems a dictator has recently taken over and is literally sucking all the life and colour out of the inhabitants. Fidge might have to team up with the others in order to save the Wimbley Woos, get home, and fix the terrible decision that sent them there in the first place.

If this all sounds totally bonkers to you, you’re right — it is! But it’s also incredibly funny, and between the rhyming Wimbley Woos, the Monty-Python-esque Wed Wabbit, and a maternal drama teacher of a toy elephant, there’s a lot about embracing each other’s differences and growing as a person. If you think you can’t be emotionally moved by a toy carrot on wheels, think again. Wed Wabbit can be enjoyed by children aged eight to twelve, but it’s great for reading aloud to younger readers too.


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