Recent reads

The Bearkeeper’s Daughter, Gillian Bradshaw

Not entirely what I expected, having had the impression from the title that the book would focus on Theodora, the Bearkeeper’s Daughter. Instead we follow John, her son, who struggles with conflicting expectations, ulterior motives, and a newly discovered parental relationship. I really enjoyed watching him walk the tightrope of accepting his mother’s gifts while gently resisting her efforts to support him in certain directions.

The Woods, James Tynian IV and Michael Dialynas

An entire school is transported to an alternate world filled with monsters and some mysterious ancient buildings. Some students escape into the woods to try to figure out what’s going on, and the rest struggle against the increasingly draconian ‘safety’ measures of the teachers within the school.

Rose Cottage, Mary Stewart

One of the few books by Mary Stewart that I hadn’t got around to reading. Not my favourite — not that it was bad, it just didn’t have the narrative impetus of, say, Wildfire at Midnight. Probably because there wasn’t a sense of danger? It does feature one of the few Mary Stewart love interests that I actually like, being a normal, nice local lad who becomes friends with the main character rather than thrusting her under his strong arm to save her from evil.

What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night, Refe and Susan Tuma

I never know whether to record non-fiction books here, mostly because I often take forever to finish them or dip in and out in a way that makes it different to know when I’ve actually read the whole thing. (More often it just gets returned to the library on the due date.) This is also the reason why I haven’t finished as many books in the last couple of weeks, as I’m in the middle of a variety of travel guides and history books. Luckily What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night is mostly just photos with captions and therefore quick to finish. If you’ve enjoyed Dinovember, or if you like fun, then get yourself to the library/bookshop and find a copy of this book. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen plastic dinosaurs making a meat smoothie.


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