Favourite non-fiction and children’s fiction of 2014

Oops, forgot I hadn’t posted this yet!

I’m not sure how these two categories ended up lumped together, but here we are. I’m not a big non-fiction reader — I tend to flick through pretty cookbooks and anything published by the British Museum — but sometimes I manage to work my way through something from start to finish. It helps if there are lots of photographs to ogle at.

Non-fiction interesting/pretty enough for me to make it through this year:

  1. The World’s Heritage, UNESCO
  2. Secrets of the National Archives, National Archives
  3. What Makes This Book So Great?, Jo Walton
  4. An Art Lover’s Guide to Florence, Judith Testa

I read a lot of children’s fiction at the beginning of this year (well, mostly Noel Streatfeild and other classics), but it tailed off as I got sucked into Cadfael and Vorkosigan. Nonetheless there are a few worth mentioning!

Best children’s fiction that I managed to read this year:

  1. The Freedom Maze, Delia Sherman
  2. Thursday’s Child, Noel Streatfeild
  3. Binny for Short, Hilary McKay
  4. Jessica Darling’s IT List, Megan McCafferty
  5. The Iron Trial, Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
  6. Linnets and Valerians, Elizabeth Goudge


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